Intel "Retail Comes Alive" summit in India

Date:2017/9/7 15:07:47

    On 7th September, JWIPC was invited to participate in the Intel "Retail Comes Alive" summit held in India.
    At this conference, JWIPC presented the latest Smart Education iLearn Solution, being widely praised and receiving the strong support from Intel. JWIPC iLearn solution is a remote interactive solution based on the needs of the domestic education market and the development of transnational education. The iLearn solution takes advantage of educational whiteboard as display terminal, combines audio and video synchronization transmission technology and connects classes of different areas by network communication so as to realize excellent teachers give classes and interact in different classrooms, thereby achieving the balanced development of dominant education.
    This show of JWIPC has made great achievements. The iLearn solution has attracted so much attention and gained warm renponse from local Indian companies.