Intel Partner Connect 2018-Intel & JWIPC discuss data center transformation

Date:2018/4/11 17:35:05

      On April 9-12, 2018, Intel Partner Connect 2018 was held in Singapore. JWIPC as Intel's core partner has also been invited to attend the summit. At the summit, JWIPC oversales sales director Roy Ouyang and Greg Baur, Vice President and GM, Global Scale and Partner Programs at Intel Corporation , discussed the JWIPC data center transformation experience on site.


       Greg: So first things, can you tell us about JWIPC and what you do?
       Roy: As an Associate member of the IOT Solution Alliance, JWIPC is a hardware solution provider, specializing in product R&D, and manufacture with large scale of procurement.  
       Today, JWIPC provides very competitive products in different industries, such as OPS, digital signage, point of sales, industrial PC in IoT; AIO, Mini-PC, PC motherboard in consumer PC; server, storage, and network security in Data Center. With such a full product portfolio, JWIPC provides end-to-end hardware solution to our customers including OEMs, SIs and ISV all over the world.

       Greg: I know you at JWIPC have also been going through a PC to Data Centric transformation as well. Can you speak to how and why your businesses has been shifting/evolving to Data Centric?
       Roy: Absolutely.

       From the rise of PC & internet to smart phone & 5G; from cloud computing to big data, from AI to block-chain, the whole world has been evolving so fast. Along the way JWIPC used to have confusion and hesitation too. But when we look into these changes, we were aware of one constant: that’s the data. The exponentially growing data.
       With the understanding of the changes, JWIPC knew that transformation was inevitable. We has been going through continuous changes: from the very beginning of a PC ODM to an IoT ODM, from a pure hardware ODM to a SDK-ready system provider.
       Of course, the changes don’t happen overnight. We take step and step adequately, set goals each year: We have been one of the biggest PC ODM in China since 2008; we have been one of the biggest partner with Intel to launch and promote OPS since 2011.
Recently, we took one step further: with Intel FPGA, we are able to provide AI-SDK ready products to our partners. These X86+FPGA base AI-SDK ready products include digital signage, face recognition, smart-POS and edge server on the edge side; storage and server on the Data Center side. Using Intel CV-SDK to achieve AI face recognition to create the latest educational and other industrial applications. All of our products focus on how to generate the data and how to process the data in an efficient way.

       Greg: This evolution has been synergistic with Intel. I know as we’ve evolved together, we’ve been able to achieve some strong results together. What has this shift ultimately resulted for JWIPC and the partnership?
       Roy: With the transformation, JWIPC are able to provide better products to our customers: better hardware, better software, and better service. We are able to help our customers better understand their business by leveraging the data, so that their business thrive, and we thrive.
       Today JWIPC is not only one of the biggest hardware solution provider in PRC, but also expanding our footprint all over the world, especially in Asia, Europe and North America. Our success couldn’t be archived without partnering with Intel.
So I totally agree with you. The synergy that we saw during the transformation build us a much stronger partnership than ever before. Let me give you an example:
       JWIPC developed a smart-recording system call iLearning system, which provide interactive video recording system. When we took one step further to provide video analytic features to our partner, we closely work with different team from Intel to integrate FPGA solution into our system to provide such features. It wasn’t easy for a traditional X86 ODM. With the help from PSG team and IoT team, we are able to provide an industrial leading solution to our customers. Today, such X86 + FPGA iLearning system is also one of Market Ready Solution at Intel, promoted to all Intel partners worldwide.
       Being a long time Intel partner, we truly value such relationship and strongly believe that together we can build a prosperous data-centric ecosystem.

       Greg: Thank you once again for the strong collaboration in 2017 and we look forward to more success in the year ahead.
       Roy: Thank you too. And we are looking forward to deepening the cooperation with Intel and better service to our customers worldwide.