Create Smart Retail - JWIPC M055 Vending Machine Solution

Date:2018/12/19 10:41:28

Vending Machine of smart retail new ecological project jointly created by JWIPC and Midea won "2018CCFA retail innovation award". Through continuous innovation and iteration, “Xiaomaigui” has brought a series of intelligent “black technologies” to the retail industry, which not only allows users to experience the intelligent experience of near-field shopping, but also provides a sample of “reduced cost and increased production” for the industry. 


Relying on Midea's professional supply chain, the unmanned retail business is an important part of Media's "full-scene consumption" strategy of unbounded retail at home. Its main products include unattended shelves, cold and warm cabinets and intelligent cabinets.The first transformation of Xiaomaigui is the successful research and development and application of vending machine, because vending machine can solve the common problems of goods damage and scene limitation in the field of unmanned retail.But vending machines are not the only way to increase sales. Xiaomaigui has iterated the first generation of pure gravity recognition equipment into the third generation of dynamic visual recognition + gravity recognize vending machine, which has been able to realize face recognition, goods on demand, intelligent inventory management. Through the analysis of users' shopping preferences, Xiaomaigui has realized thousands of containers and thousands of faces. 

The vending machine is cooperated by JWIPC and Media has always been exploring the new ecology of unmanned retail with science and technology, striving to promote the landing application of AI big data and building confidence for the industry. Xiaomaigui has realized the intellectualization of the whole process from supply chain to commodity presentation in the field of unmanned retail, which has maximized the users' "thousands of faces" intelligent shopping perception, formed the retail ecological closed loop of vending machine, and laid the foundation for the development of new scenes of unmanned retail.


This M055 unmanned vending machine USES INTEL HM170+i5 6350HQ,IRIS GPU, provides a wealth of extended functions, including: 9 USB interfaces, including 6 USB 3.0, external multichannel camera, WIFI+ bluetooth support, 4G communication support, power on and restart and restart the function. This device supports virtualization, and can synchronously complete multiple tasks such as advertisement playing, face and commercial display video decoding and settlement, and provide face and commodity recognition AI analysis and calculation power.

Traditional vending machines have complex mechanical parts which cost higher and space reserved for SKU smaller, and poor user experience since you can’t select and return SKUs freedom. CV type smart vending using computer vision doing SKU detection which saving huge mechanical parts reduces equipment cost, saving space for more SKUs. And a much better user experience since when you scan QR code open the door you can pick up any SKU which you like and do any change as you like. When you closed the door, payment will be done automatically.

Customers can use toolkits that apply INTEL RRI edge computing and OpenVINO computing vision acceleration technology to adjust or add different algorithms, load different containers and generate customer-specific applications or content through integrated API in the toolkits.